Where ever we are we can bring to events something worthwhile just by being there [reflecting/shining, God's goodness].... offering our talents or even perhaps just by being calm and happy; not demanding in any way. Like a ripple when a stone is thrown in a lake a good thought for someone can reach a far shore!

Disastrous events engulf other people, and people say why didn't God help them; but we don't know if God is always being recognised as being "a very present help in trouble" as David said; and he was always in trouble!! He asserts this in his 46th Psalm he wrote in The Bible.

From a Christian Science perspective "The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable". Basing our lives on knowing that mistakes are mis-takes we know we can prove them to be inept and ultimately non consequential and others will too in their own time. We can't tap into the experience of others or even progress by taking advice from others. Everyone is shaping his/her experience as things unfold in sequence in a unique way! Asking why did something happen is not to understand this!

God is always available it's up to us to avail ourselves of the power of Good!

I knew a family who had been transported under a false floor in a lorry and they were praying all the time and came out safe!